Sunny Reviews

"The strategy that US Solar Network has used to facilitate group buying and handling all the details has made installing a solar system easy and affordable. I take my hat off to US Solar Network, they have made a great contribution to the neighborhood and to the planet."

Steve -  Hull Terrace

"We have students who come to our house often and they often ask us what are you doing to address climate change. We feel good to be able to point to the solar panels on our roof and say this is a great solution.

Tim & Becky - Lake Street

We have worked with US Solar Network on several projects in the Chicago area. They are committed to combining the ideals of implementing renewable energy solutions at the local scale using local installers, with cost effective, high efficiency installations.  They are very knowledgable on the various incentives that are available for their clients, including volume discounts, which is not something that is typically seen. Several of the installations that I was involved with were in the Historic Preservation area of Evanston, and US Solar was able to perfectly balance the requirements of Evanston's Historic Preservation Committee with the homeowner’s concerns for maximum efficiency and aesthetic design.

Kipnis Architecture + Planning

"We had a very positive experience with US Solar Network. They provided us with all the information we needed to decide to install solar panels on our home. They found other households to sign up to reduce our cost, took care of all the paperwork, and arranged the ordering and installation. The installers did a wonderful job, the panels are barely noticeable from most angles and look great from where they are visable. Also, very courteous and careful to repair, paint and clean up after completing the inside work in our finished basement. US Solar showed us how to keep track of our solar power production on our inverter and online. They are also monitoring our new solar system and are available for any questions or concerns. We would definitely recommend using US Solar Network."

Ann & John- Hartzell Street

My background is in engineering, construction and project management. I had worked very closely with the US Solar Network team on the details and overall project coordination. I expect the highest quality product and workmanship on this project for my home. US Solar Network did a great job in meeting my expectations. One year later the product works wonderfully.

Charles - Noyes Street

"US Solar Network helped Hemenway church reduce energy costs so we can redirect resources to life saving endeavors. It's really exciting to see the solar panels installed, as it builds on our commitment to sustainability"

Hemenway United Methodist Church- Chicago Avenue

I've been so pleased with the solar-heated hot water that US Solar Network's two solar panels have provided my home for the past several years, that this year I asked them to add eighteen more panels so that the sun could provide most of my electricity needs year round. On-line tracking allows me to see the kWh produced daily; my monthly Commonwealth Edison bill has fallen precipitously; and my grandchildren thank me and US Solar Network for helping to preserve the planet for their generation and beyond!

Jill- Ashland Avenue

"We are really happy with our solar panels installed by US Solar Network and feel good about being a little more green! "

Vaishali and Mahesh - Grant Street

"Going Solar, it’s just the most empowering thing. It just feels like we are participating in a process of helping a very vital industry for the future of the planet. I so appreciate US Solar Network for making it easy and wonderful."

Sarah - Elmwood Avenue

"I have been considering solar for some time, but the process just seemed to be a hassle and really time consuming. US Solar Network made it all happen, turn-key."

Tim - Greenleaf Avenue

"US Solar Network was terrific.They explained our solar installation to us, handled all aspects of the installation quickly and efficiently, and arranged the paperwork for all the rebates and credits.
The system was integrated seamlessly into our house at a very reasonable cost and we are saving energy."

Leslie & Joe - Judson Avenue