The Solar Energy Community Program's mission is to promote and facilitate the use of affordable renewable energy. Our goal is to provide complete solar systems at discounted pricing utilizing the power of community group purchasing. 


Home, condominium and small business owners have an opportunity to take advantage of significant savings on complete solar systems. Save substantially on utility costs and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. 

How Does The Solar Energy Community Program Work?

The Solar Energy Community Program facilitates the installation of complete solar systems in your home while leveraging low cost operating overhead and navigating through the frustrating solar product decisions, government and utility rebate paperwork.  We do it all. 

Reduced Price  

Partnering with solar manufacturers and local installers we have designed the right cool climate solar systems for our community programs at better than wholesale prices. US Solar Network has streamlined all aspects of the supply chain from overhead, manufacturers, suppliers, transportation, warehousing, city permits and installation to further reduce costs. This is where the Solar Energy Community Program really shines, offering the best possible pricing making renewable energy more affordable. 

Timing is everything. To maximize all possible cost savings achieved through the program efficiencies, enrollment is generally open for a three to four month period from the program launch date.

Community Group Purchasing

Since this is a community program based on bulk purchasing, the pricing requires a minimum purchasing group of 12 participants to deliver deep discounts.


"Whenever I turn on my hot water, I know that the energy has come from the sun and hasn’t added to climate change. Thanks to the Solar Energy Community Program for making this happen."

Solar Systems

Going solar means being less dependent on your local utility company and reducing your home’s green gas emissions substantially.

A solar system will hedge the impact that rising energy costs will have on your utility bills. Soaring energy costs and environmental concerns have put a new focus on a renewable energy.

With all the current innovations, residential solar systems are extremely efficient at harnessing energy from the sun to produce electricity and heat water. 


Coal, propane, natural gas and fossil fuel resources are dwindling and alternative energy sources are needed.

We have options.

Renewable energy means the supply will never run out and solar energy is the most abundant natural source available today. The more we adopt this form of energy, the sooner we can restore environmental balance. Solar energy is the most abundant energy source on our planet


Take pride working with your community to achieve climate reduction goals, save money, control dirty energy and help preserve our planet.

Solar Energy

Rising energy costs and environmental concerns have put a new focus on renewable energy. With our technological innovations, modern residential solar systems are extremely efficient at harnessing energy from the sun 

Discover peace of mind, knowing that you’re taking steps to help preserve our environment with the most cost effective, reliable and efficient technology through the Solar Energy Community Program. 


"We have wanted to add solar to our home but it just seemed too complicated and a hassle until we contacted US Solar Network".

An easy and affordable investment opportunity that will dramatically reduce energy costs, increase property value and benefit our children’s future.

Solar energy is free and can provide the annual energy needed to produce electricity and heat your hot water while reducing greenhouse gas emissions significantly.  Becoming independent from the utility company is very empowering, especially as rates continue to increase substantially (estimated 4% annually.)

Going solar makes a difference in your community.